Mimon’s Philosophy and Design

Generative Art

According to contemporary dream studies, dreams are fragments of everyday memories combined by a certain algorithm of the brain. We were inspired by the fact that, somewhat like a dream, as a generative art, the PFP avatar’s “Mint” combines several attributes by the blockchain algorithm.

Freud’s Theory

According to Freud’s Theory, dreams are an expression of desires in the unconscious mind. All humans have basic desires, and dreams that thrive on these desires motivate human lives. We believe that such human desire, or the endeavor to achieve something, is in itself beautiful and that which brings happiness. Hence, we have named ourselves Mimon, which translates to “beautiful dream.”

The Two Meanings of Mimon

  1. Dream and Purpose We spread a message of hope to society by encouraging those who dream and supporting those who seek to achieve their purposes.
  2. Sleeping Dream Dreams are concentrated within each individual and disappear when that individual awakes. However, Mimon is decentralized and exists in the blockchain world forever.


In ancient times, Dreams were believed to be a revelation of higher beings, such as gods or spirits. Accordingly, Mimon was designed neither as an animal, human but as a fantastical being.


Pink is the color of a dreaming brain and expresses a message of hope or desire.


Mimon is constituted of both familiar everyday and unfamiliar fantastical traits.



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