Mimon’s Design Concept

▶ Design Concept

Mimon is a being of the dream, the realm of fantasy or the unconscious. Motivated by the cute, soft, yet mythical ‘uparupa,’ Mimon visualizes the unconscious form of dream. Through 10,000 dreams, Mimon stands for the potential and hope that you can be whatever or whoever you wish.

▶ Colorchip

Pink is the color of a brain that dreams and represents hope and desire.

▶ Keyword

#FLUFFY soft and lumpy

#SURREAL surrealistic


#INDIVIDUALISTIC one-of-a-kind, diverse

▶ Personality

Mimon is a playful spirit of the dream world. Unlike its round and cute appearance, it is full of curiosity, brave and just.

▶ Words from the Team

Through Mimon, we wanted to rekindle your childhood dreams and spirit. We also wished to encourage and deliver messages of hope to all those who continuously aspire to realize their dreams. Furthermore, through the means of generative art we wanted to appreciate and celebrate the spirit of individuality and diversity.



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