How to install Metamask

1. Visit and click Download. (

2. Add Metamask as an extension.

3. Click “Add to Chrome”. Click “Add extension” to automatically install MetaMask.

4. When the installation is complete, the following screen appears. Click the “Get Started”.

5. Click “Create Wallet”.

6. Accept the terms and conditions.

7. Enter a password of 8 or more digits and click “Create”.

8. If you click the mosaic screen, a total of 12 English words are created. These words are used to restore your Metamask, so you must keep it safe. Enter the words in a safe place and click “Next”.

9. Enter the words you wrote down in step 8 in order. Click “ Confirm” and the wallet will be created normally.

10.You can check your Metamask address starting with “0x…” above the Ethereum logo.



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