About Mimon project

Mimon NFTs are coming to the blockchain Ecosystem!

“Mimon” — a limited collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain
Mimon means “beautiful dream” in Korean.

The Mimon team has been dreaming for a long period of 5 months in the “Dream Lab” to create the perfect project. After countless trial and errors, we finally discovered our philosophy, narrative and project direction. Finally, Mimon is ready to step out of the “Dream Lab” and share its dreams and hopes with people.

Having witnessed the launching and disappearance of numerous projects in the rapidly developing NFT market, we focused on a valuable message rather than simply pursuing profit. We hoped to contribute to a healthy NFT market by finding a project that created meaning in itself. Our team realized that the acts of desiring and dreaming were both beautiful. Mimon is our expression of this in the digital world.

The vision of the Mimon project is not limited to the blockchain world. The goal of the Mimon team is to take a leading role in making generative art & PFP avatars a global culture. As a part of this culture, we more specifically aim to establish ourselves as a digital brand that delivers a healthy message to the world through Mimon. We will continue to hold online and offline campaigns and collaborations for this purpose.


Mimon is a popular PFP avatar that can be used as a profile picture on any social media platform. However, Mimon is more than that. Mimon provides utility functions such as participation in community events, collaboration NFT benefits, and using avatars in the metaverse world. We plan to build Mimon’s unique ecosystem that will continuously expand into a wider world. **Please check the roadmap for details**


Because we believe that human desires and dreams are beautiful, all 10,000 Mimon NFTs are special and beautiful. Still, some are far more special than others. Except for the 8 ~ 15 most special original Mimon, all Mimon attributes have different rarity points. The rarity ranking is determined by the combination of properties each Mimon has.

Launch Date

The pre-sale for 1,300 Mimons will be held on December 30th, and the public sale of 8,000 Mimons will be on January 3rd.

For the most recent and detailed information, please check Mimon’s Discord.

Twittwr : https://twitter.com/MIMONS_OFFICIAL

Discord : http://discord.gg/mimons



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